You Couldn’t Stop Me From Giving a Fuck

Someone said to me today that they don’t care what goes on in the world because it doesn’t affect them… that they can’t do anything about those situations. And it made me angry. It should make everyone angry. You should care. Saying you don’t care about those people is like saying you don’t care about yourself.

Everything and everyone is connected. As humans we are capable of any solution. Where there have been obstacles and challenges before, we’ve met them. So why is it that we are unable to resolve issues like poverty, famine, war, systemic racism, genocide, slavery, climate change, factory farming. It’s unacceptable.

Why is it that we are so complacent with our situation because maybe we happen to be happy? Is it not enough to acknowledge that we are fortunate to have what we have and not be in the terrible situations of others?

No. I don’t believe it’s enough.

I read an article a while ago about having “high-empathy” disorder. It made me livid. What is that even? I’m too empathetic? I’m too concerned about issues that “don’t concern me”. No. That’s not right. It’s not okay to start making every feeling a fucking disorder. It’s not okay to tell me or anyone that because they feel empathetic to someone’s situation, that I’m suffering from some psychological disorder as defined by some government-funded bullshit doctors. Here’s a pill because you feel too sorry for people and you don’t know how to function in society.

We’re ruled by an elite group of psychopaths. Seriously. They own the banks that control the governments and media. They fund both sides of the war for profit and they manufacture the consent of the people through the propaganda of the media. These people don’t give a fuck about us. They don’t want us to be capable of critical thinking. They don’t teach that in schools.

They want us to keep our heads down. Get jobs. Spend money. And accept our situation as it is. They manufacture lives and desire. And they brainwash us, keep us constantly distracted with the idea that selling your soul is the only way to save it. Dreams are constructed. “The American Dream” … is it artistic expression? Or is it a formula?

Pay attention to what’s going in the world. Just because you think it doesn’t affect you, doesn’t make it true.



What are you willing to live for?

Written by: Am

I often find myself lost in thoughts about things I feel don’t concern other people. And maybe because they don’t want to think about these things, or perhaps they have never thought about these things. Nevertheless, it’s these things that I feel will continue affecting future generations because of our lack of action.

We’re really at a crossroads in all aspects of human life – our planet, our environment, our governments… these are all issues we must talk about, but we don’t. The struggle isn’t universal any longer. It’s become a personal struggle, and when the personal struggle invalidates the universal, action is difficult. The personal struggle is the priority. Affording the costs of living, establishing a career to afford those costs, and to also find the time to enjoy life. Can we really if all there is is working life away to afford life? Kind of pointless.

The way we live has been structured, for generations and generations. We have become mindless consumers of the life we think we’re supposed to have. We feel entitled to have it. We’re conditioned to buy things, taught to live a life of material, and deviating from this institutionalized lifestyle will make you feel like an outcast. You will have failed. You’re a failure. It’s reinforced by every single person aspiring to build a career, get married, get a mortgage. Pointless holidays like Valentines Day to stimulate consumerism. Shower your significant other with invaluable materials to measure the worth of your love for each other. Absurd.

We have this idea that finding someone and “sharing your life” with someone is the answer to everything. It makes this place less lonely, but for me being alone never meant being lonely. I was that person though; I fell for all of it. I had this idea as a kid, that I’d fall in love with a girl and we’d live the fairy tale. We’d have adventures, I’d do romantic things for her, and I’d be a happy person – I would feel fulfilled. But for me the idea of having that kind of relationship is no longer a need or a priority. It’s a personal belief; not something I impose on others. And let me be clear, if that’s something someone genuinely believes in – something that will bring them happiness, I don’t discourage it. Whichever lifestyle someone chooses, it’s their decision and only theirs. But give someone who does not feel the need to live your lifestyle the same respect.

I believe love is a beautiful thing… but it’s fluid, like most things in life, it’s subject to evolve and change. I forget what movie I saw but a character had said something like “love is a socially-accepted form of mental illness” and I totally believe it. Love makes people do insane, irrational things. People do insane, irrational things all the time and they’re accused of being crazy, but people “in love”… aren’t. I feel like the idea of being in love is what people are so in love with, and not necessarily for what it is.

Being in love with someone… having that kind of an intense, spiritual, wonderful connection is amazing… I don’t doubt the intensity, the passion… there’s something so inexplicable about it that if I had to describe it as anything, the closest thing I could describe it to is the sensation of being on the most fucked up wonderfully, insane, absurd trip. But I feel that way about life in general. It’s the wildest trip. It’s not a necessity though. It’s important to be able to be by yourself and be content with that – looking for validation in a relationship, in someone else, will always leave someone feeling empty because the anxiety is created.

It’s irrelevant to me now… because there is this life… this narrative we’ve come to live and it’s the same for everyone. It’s what people aspire in life… the life goals: school, marriage, mortgage, death. But it’s killing us.